Living Italian


Many of my recipes have been passed down to me from my Wonderful Italian Aunts. Some are of my own creation but always with an Italian flair. And always prepared with love as I was taught.

Food is Love in my Family.  And I prepare these dishes with the same Quality ingredients I use for my own Family.

The name Dividio, is my Mother's Family Name.  (pronounced Dah-vih-dee-oh)

 I was fortunate enough to grow up with the love of a Wonderful Mother, all her Brothers, Sisters & their families. Family parties were regular events. (for many years, monthly events)                       Always full of Love, Laughter and Great Food.

So I offer some of those dishes here in hopes that your family too can enjoy some Great Italian Food.

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Cheesecakes, Biscotti and more...........


Buon Appetito!!!