Brunch,  Lunch & Shower Suggestions

Brunch Entrees- don't see what you want, call me to discuss a Custom Menus

    My Quiche and Strata's are made from scratch with only high quality ingredients...You'll Taste the Difference

                                                 12 person minimum order or 1/2 pan orders


Deep Dish Mediterranean Veggie Quiche   sun-dried tomato, onions, zucchini etc.. cheese      $26.00 for 9" round 

Deep Dish Ham And Cheese Quiche            smoked ham, carmelized onions & cheeses            $26.00 for 9" round

                                                Note:    Deep Dish Quiche has double the filling in a flakey crust

Mini Quiche                                                                                                          $14.00/dz

Ham & Cheese 

Sundried tomato,herbs & cheese

Bacon & Cheese

Vegetable Strata  Artichokes, tomatoes, spinach, peppers, cheeses & bread baked in an egg custard 

                                                                                                 $4.25/person     1/2 pan   Serves 9-12    $38.00

Bacon & Sausage Strata  w/mushrooms,onions, cheeses, bread in an egg custard       $4.25/person    1/2 pan   Serves  9-12   $38.00

Crepes handmade w/ real whipped cream & fresh berries                                                                $4.25/person

Chicken Piccata, Romano, Parmesan or Marsala                                                                    $5.75/person


 Croissants - Ham & Swiss , Turkey  &  Brie , Italian, Chicken or Tuna Salad                      $5.25/person


Fresh Spring Mix w/ House Balsamic  Raspberry Vinaigrette                                                      $3.75/person

Fresh Fruit Platter                                                                                                                         $3.75/person


Your Choice of two:

Lemonade, Tea , Coffee, Punch, Apple, Orange Juice                                                                      $1.50/person

Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice                                                                                                            $2.50/person                                      


Sugar Cured Ham                                                                                                         $2.50/person

Chicken Apple sausage                                                                                                 $2.50/person

Pork  Link Sausage -fresh locally made                                                                        $2.50/person

Au Gratin Potatoes  - handmade w/fresh potatoes & cheeses                          $4.00/person         1/2 pan  Serves 9 - 12    $35.00

Hash Browns with Sweet Onions                                                                     $3.75/person         1/2 pan   Serves 9 - 12   $32.00

Pasta side - tradtional or maranara sauce                                                           $2.75/person

Dividio's Italian Pasta Salad- sundried tomato, feta, black olives,garbanzo beans in my special dressing        $2.75/person             


 Bakery- all my bakery items are handmade to order

Freshly Made Jumbo Muffins: Raspberry, Banana nut, Carrot Pineapple, Blueberry, Orange or Lemon   min. 6 per flavor                                                                                                                                                $1.95/ea  

Blueberry Foccacia - Fresh blueberries baked in to handmade foccacia...this is Delish!               $2.50/person

Cranberry Almond Coffee Cake- made w/ fresh cranberries..moist & delicious                        $2.00/person

Cookies-                                                                                                 $9.50/dz  Minimum Order per flavor 1 dz

Oatmeal Raisin, Italian Wedding Cookies, Lemon Ricotta Cookies, Chocolate Chip, JamThumbprint

Cheesecake  1 3/4" squares - Lime Custard, White Chocolate Raspberry, NY Style plain or with mixed berry, raspberry or strawberry drizzled on top(see my sweets page for details & picture)                    36 pc minimum per flavor      1.45/ea


Delivery Charge  $ 20.00  Fairview Park, Lakewood & Rocky River- other Westside cities as far out as Avon $ 28.00 charge...for other cities call for delivery pricing

Set up and One Server at Buffet Table $18.00/hour