Gourmet Italian!
                            Made Fresh - Not Frozen w/the Best Quality Ingredients....... Make an Impression at Your Next Party !


Ala Carte Menu



  Tuscan Grilled Chicken- Great Summer Dish! Tender grilled breasts marinated in a lemon,garlic & herb marinade, tossed with Fresh Slow Roasted Tomatoes       


Half Pan Serves 12   $68.00



Beef tenderloin- Great for any Party! Roasted to Perfection.


Call for market price   Minimum 6 people    5 oz serving      Order Whole or sliced


Add  horseradish sauce .50/person



  Chicken Romano- Handbreaded Chicken Breast with Pecorino Romano Cheeses, Spices & Crispy Breadcrumbs... finished with a Romano Cheese White Sauce  

Half Pan      Serves 12        $68.00



  Linguini, Peas & Pancetta  Tasty & Flavorful Bacon & Peas in a Garlic & Olive Oil Sauce w/Fresh Romano Cheese     Half Pan    43.00  Serves 10 -12


  Pasta Puttanesca  -  Fabulous! Linguini or Penne Pasta Made with Kalamata Olives, Capers, Tomatoes....Sauce       Just enough kick to it but not to muchOne of my Favorites!


            Half Pan  Serves 10 -12   $53.00



 Veal Saltimboco     Looking for Something Special?             Try is Wonderful Dish!

Tender Slices of Veal w/ Fresh Mozzarella, Fresh Sage  & Prosciutto w/ a Light Sauce  

Call for Market Price


   Stuffed Chicken Scallopini - Chicken stuffed with Spinach, Sundried Tomato, Italian cheeses, rolled and drenched in a creamy white sauce! Delish!!                  6.25/person 

 Eggplant Parmigiana

The Real Deal… layers of lightly breaded  & seasoned eggplant nestled in tomato sauce,  provolone & parmesan cheeses        Half Pan  Serves 9 -12   $56.00



Italian Sausages, Peppers & Onions served with small Roll

                       Small Pan      $38.00   Serves 6                  $62.00   Half Pan   Serves 10 

    Pasta - All Sauces are Homemade   Choose Pasta & Sauce

                         Pasta Choices: Fettiucci, linguini,penne, rigatoni    Half pan  Serves 10

 Half Pans come with fresh Grated Pecorino Romano


Buy just my sauce  Traditional or Marinara Sauce  in  32 oz        $10.50 per



Want Extra Cheese.......Fresh Grated Pecorino Romano Cheese   8 oz container     $3.50


Pasta w/Traditional Sauce   Rich & Tasty!           Half Pan      $45.00


Pasta w/Marinara Sauce-  A Meatless Sauce made with Tomato, Onions & Garlic    Half Pan



 Pasta w/Rich & Creamy Alfredo Sauce 

- Creamy & Flavorful -made with Real Cream & Reggiano Parmesan    Half Pan  $50.00

   Pasta w/Garlic & Olive Oil Sauce -  Zesty sauce with a zip of crushed red pepper    Half Pan  $36.00

Specialty Pasta

 Cavetelli  w/ Roasted Tomato & Sausage  - dumpling style pasta w/ fresh slow roasted tomatoes & chunks of spicy sausage....this is my favorite!                

                                                       Half Pan  $58.00            



 Italian Meatballs made with Beef, Pork & Veal,  fresh bread crumbs, w/sauce       Delicious!       1 dz - $15.00


 Sausage Lasagna   

  A true Italian Creation, piled w/Ricotta,Mozzarella,Provolone,Romano ,Traditional Sauce, Béchamel Sauce & Italian Sausage

Lg  serves 12- 15    $68.00                  Half Pan    Serves  9 - 12  $52.00 

Vegetable Lasagna

Made with Fresh Mushrooms, Carrots and Spinach in a delicious Creamy White Sauce.

Large Pan Serves  12- 15   $68.00                Half pan  Serves  9 - 12  $52.00       


  Chicken Lasagna - Layers of Tender White Chicken, Mushrooms & Spinach in a Rich White Sauce      

    Pan   Serves 12-15    $69.00              Half Pan Serves 9-12     $52.00           

Chicken Piccata - Tender Chicken Breast lightly Floured & Seasoned  with a Real Lemon Butter Sauce             ask about Veal pricing               

 Half Pan  12 servings    $69.00            Mini Pan         8 servings    $48.00 

Chicken Marsala-Tender White Chicken Simmered in a Mushroom Marsala Sauce   (made w/fresh mushrooms)      ask about Veal pricing

Half Pan 10 servings     $62.00             Mini  Pan        8 servings    $49.00    

 Chicken Parmagiana - Tender White Chicken Breast lightly Seasoned ,Breaded & Smothered in a Homemade Sauce with Real Parmasan and Provolone Cheeses.

 Half Pan   Serves 12       $69.00  

Ask about Veal Pricing